Saturday, October 30, 2010

Create a Business Plan for a Micro-Entrepreneur!

EN and TFA have teamed up to bring you exciting opportunities to create business plans for micro-entrepreneurs!
CREED, a non-profit organization, strives to help create awareness and consult strategies to promote self employment & sustainability among the poorer, Base-of-the-Pyramid people. As part of this initiative, it wants to post business plans for micro-businesses on its website. Micro-business Entrepreneurs can download the plans and start their business. In general, these will be entrepreneurs in poor areas of the world.

CREED would like business plans for the following three types of businesses:
  • Egg/poultry business 
  • Sewing/Tailoring business
  • Craft jewelry business
These are very small businesses. As you can tell, this segment is very different from creating a business plan to be given to an investor. The plan will have to be created keeping in mind the low-income target customers. CREED is looking for basic business plans that would apply to these entrepreneurs in their situation. These plans will be guidelines to help the entrepreneurs manage and grow their businesses. Max, 4-5 pages per plan.

The teams will formed based on a selection procedure from the applications received. We intend to screen maximum 4 students per team. Once selected, the teams will be dealing directly with the Executive Director of CREED to take their projects forward. The expected timeline would be 4 weeks. The team will also be offered a small incentive upon successful completion of the business plan.

So, students who have a mind for entrepreneurship/CSR/micro-finance business, this is an excellent opportunity to hone your business skills! We encourage you to apply.

Please find the application form in the email you received this morning. Interested students must fill in this application and send it along with their resume to

The deadline for sending in applications is Sunday, 31st October, 11:59PM.

P.S. This is great practice for the Spring Business Plan competition! 

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